Monghla para villagers are now more secure with health and foods in the village.

Monghla Para is in the hilly and remote area at Laxmichari upazila in Khagrachari district. Its geographical area is about 360 acr. It is located at 75k.m. long from Khagrachari district at beside the road of Laxmichari upazila. This is an old village where the Marma community has been living from 115 years. Most of the community in the village is less educated and very few are economically solvent among them. There are total 88 no. families in which 06 no. women led families, 22 no. landless and 58 no. familes who have cultivable land. This village is at the most disadvantage area in 1 no. Laxmichari union. So, this village is selected as the most priority basis for the second phase by the local community leaders and local administrative institutions. As the part of social mobilization, Zabarang facilitated the villagers to select some project activities on need basis.


Villagers used to collect water from well before

The villagers of Monghla para used to collect water from nearby small cannels and wells for their daily use including drinking of water. It was not safe to drink specially at the rainy season. So, they suffered from many water borne diseases and had to spend a lot of money for the treatment of it every year. Even few of them had to take loan from micro finance institutions or had to mortgage the land property to the lender for it. It needed 40-50 minutes to bring water from wells and cannels for the villagers as well. The village women had to engage in collecting water for most of the times rather than involving themselves for very few moments in other domestic work at home.


Villagers using the safe water for daily use

There were some cultivable lands in the village which were cultivated only once in a year due to not having available advance agriculture machineries and irrigation support. The farmer had to hire pump machine and power tiller from other places with costly price to cultivate their land. Few of them had to lease the land to other as well. So, it didn’t meet all of the food requirements for a year in the village. There was always shortage of foods in the village in every year.


Villagers cultivating the two seasonal crops with power tiller.

Zabarang mobilized the Monghla para community to take several projects in order to reduce all sorts of problems that exist in the village. The projects are the tube well for safe drinking water, power tiller for cultivation and power pump for irrigation. They have now 4 tube wells for safe drinking water in the village which reduced dependency on cannels and wells at 100%. The family members from 88 households have been ensured safe drinking water through it and changed a positive attitude among the women for using safe drinking water. The women can now involve in more domestic work due to reducing of time in collecting water from nearby tube wells. Moreover, the villagers can also cultivate their land two times in a year with power tiller and power pump. A villager Mr. Aungojai Marma said due to giving water in the crops with power tiller and pump machine production of paddy have increased 11-13 arries more than before in this year. Community people become more aware and producing more vegetables during winter season than before.

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