Revitalizing Chakma Language and Culture

Among the Indigenous languages in CHT, the Chakma language is one of the key languages which is used as lingua-franca in the region. But this rich language is influenced by Bengali language as it is
comparatively similar to Bengali language (specifically to the Chittagonian Language) than the others. Therefore, it is very significant to take initiative for documenting the key words of Chakma Language, Chakma Rhymes as well as Chakma proverbs. Otherwise, these may assimilate to the influential language.

Zabarang has initiated this project in cooperation with Changma Academy who are active in language research and development field. It is expected that the project initiative will promote in development and preservation of Chakma culture in near future as the words, rhyme and proverbs are documented and

Duration: September 2014 to March 2015;

Supported by: CHTDF-UNDP;

Purpose of the project: The purpose of the project was to preserve language and culture and contribute to the education in mother tongue to promote indigenous peoples’ right.

Objectives: The objectives of the project were to preserve, explore and develop of Chakma culture especially the Changma Language;


  1. A Dictionary with more than 10,500 Changma words has been published.
  2. A book on Chakma proverbs has been published.
  3. A book of Changma Primer with alphabets and rhyes has been published.
  4. A Book launching event has been organized to disseminate the outputs of the project.

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