Policies and Manuals

Zabarang maintains the operational process and procedures under its respective policies and manuals. For details please click on the respective policy or manual:

  1. Accounting and Financial Operational Manual 01. Accounting and Financial Operational Manual
  2. Human Resources (Policies and Procedures) Manual [Recruitment and Selection Policy; Salaries and Allowances Policy; Motorbike Policy; Leave and Sickness Policy; Disciplinary Policy; Competency Policy; Benefits Policy] 02. ZKS HR Policy
  3. Volunteer Policy 3. ZKS Volunteer Policy
  4. Child Protection Policy 04. ZKS Child Protection Policy
  5. Gender policy 5. ZKS Gender policy
  6. Information Disclosure Policy 06. IDP of Zabarang
  7. Cost Share Policy 7. ZKS Cost Share Policy
  8. Conflict of Interest Policy 08. ZKS Conflict of Interest Policy
  9. Whistle Blowing Policy 09. Whistle blowing Policy ZKS
  10. Code of Conduct Policy 10. ZKS Code of Conduct Policy
  11. Safeguarding Policy 11. Zabarang Safeguarding Policy
  12. Counter-Fraud Policy  12. Counter-fraud and Anti-corruption Policy- Zabarang
  13. Anti- Money Laundering Policy 13. Zabarang Anti-Money laundering policy
  14. A guide to deal with inappropriate behaviors at workplace 14. A guide to deal with inaprropriate behaviors at workplace
  15. Risk Management Policy 15. Risk-Management-Policy

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