Our Resources

 The Library

 Zabarang has a library containing a wide selection of books, journals and publications. LibrariesAt present, our focus is on collecting and preserving materials on development related issues. There are a number of readings on Chittagong Hill Tracts, specifically historical, political and cultural analysis

. We have a special collection on studies about Indigenous Peoples. Reference materials on the history and culture of the different indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hill Tracts are also available.

The reference books are organized into six categories; Education Studies, Governance, Literature, Indigenous Studies, Reference and Social Science. Visitors are encouraged to visit our library and do research or borrow books for overnight or extended use. We have a database containing details of all our resources and there are staffs that can assist and find what you  are looking for.

For details of visiting hours and membership please contact us at info@zabarangbd.org

Resource and Training Center

Zabarang has recently inaugurated it’s Resource and Training Centre. This is a positive development for Zabarang as we now have the capacity to organize several types of workshops, seminars and trainings, both for our own organisation needs, and for use by other organisations. The centre is equipped with multimedia technology, and we can also arrange transport, accommodation and catering for events and trainings. We have recently hosted a four month health workers training program for the UNDP.

Presently, we are planning to expand the facilities of the training and resource centre. Lodging facilities for the training participants will be established very soon so that we can host residential training at our resource centre.

For more information on hiring out the Zabarang Resource and Training please contact us at info@zabarangbd.org

Zabarang Resource team

Zabarang has a team of training experts who are experienced in various Rc teamdevelopment fields including PRA, Participation Method, Research and situation analysis, Project Proposal writing, Program and project evaluation, curriculum development, interactive teaching-learning methods, multi-grade and multi-level teaching methods, gender in development field, conflict resolution/transformation, Leadership skills improvement, child rights and child safeguard and many other issues. The Executive Director of the organization leads the resource pool consists of internal and external affiliated experts.

Office Facilities

Zabarang has set-up Upazilla offices at five Upazillas in Khagrachari district. The upazila-based offices are attached with the Upazilla administration compounds. One fulltime support staff is assigned at each of the offices. The offices will be used for the purpose of all project activities undertaken at the respective Upazillas by ZKS. All relevant project staffs usually stay at the Upazilla offices for better communication and relationship with the relevant stakeholders.

The headquarters- based project staffs of all projects are accommodated at the head office.

Zabarang has Local Area Network (LAN) system at the office with fulltime dedicated internet service. All staffs can access the internet facility from their own desk. ZKS has continuous power splay system with power full standby generator.

The Website

For our partners and stakeholders, the ZABARANG Website can be accessed anytime. Just click the button to zabarangbd.org  and get acquainted with our work and our world.

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