Recruitment Procedures

Zabarang has a clear and effective recruitment and selection policy designed to guide the organization through the recruitment process, ensure that the procedure is fair and transparent, and that the organization is able to appoint the best candidate for the position.

 Briefly, there are four main stages in Zabarang’s recruitment process. First, the senior management team meets to assess the post (write the job description and person specification) and agree on a recruitment action plan to decide who will sit on the selection panel and the dates of the advertisement, short listing, interviews and final appointment. The selection panel must include at least one senior female member of staff.

 The second stage is advertising the post. In order to encourage women to apply, Zabarang’s job advertisements makes explicit statements regarding gender for instance most advertisements carry the statement: ‘Zabarang is an equal opportunities employer. Women are encouraged to apply’.

 The third stage of the process is the selection stage. At the short listing stage, Zabarang may decide that all female candidates who meet the minimum criteria for a post (as decided by the senior management team at the job assessment stage) that is currently short of females will be offered an interview. At the interview, at least one female member of senior management will be on the panel.

 Zabarang is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. This means that Zabarang will not show prejudice to candidates on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, age or creed. Zabarang is therefore committed to taking positive action – encouraging women and ethnic minorities in its recruitment drive.

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