Sofol (Success): Integrated Support for the Lifelong Success of Orphan Children in Bangladesh project has been implementing by Zabarang Kalyan Samity in Panchari Upazila led by United Purpose Bangladesh for achieving the goal is to create an enabling environment where orphans enjoy their rights and dignity through community led sustainable support. To support orphaned children in CHT, there are several key areas that need to be addressed as identified. The project is funded by PenyAppeal and supported by United Purpose Bangladesh. The key components of the project are:

  • Quality Education is available for orphaned children through school and out of school learning mechanism.
  • Financial Security for orphaned guardians through creating sustainable income generating opportunities.
  • Health & Wellbeing of orphaned children promoted through ensuring WASH and nutrition facilities
  • Increased access to social protection schemes by linking orphan families to service providers who have been approved for minimum “safe service” standards.

The project will use a community based integrated approach for capacity building of orphaned children and their guardians that create a supportive and inclusive developmental environment to grow a responsible and successful next generation.

Result-1: Quality Education is available for orphaned children through the positive youth development approach including increased access to formal education, safe out of school learning spaces, mentorship and peer-to-peer support.

Result-2: Financial Security for orphaned children to ensure stability through increasing guardian’s access to sustainable income generating opportunities through skill development and market linkage

Result-3: Health & Wellbeing of orphaned children promoted through a community health approach for increased access to safe drinking water, sanitary facilities, and nutrition services

Result-4: Facilitate access to Social Protection Schemes of the government and other agencies for orphaned children / families through advocacy and awareness

Result-5: Safeguarding and Data protection

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