Grassroots Initiatives for Quality Education (GIQE)

Project Title: Grassroots Initiative for Quality Education

Source of Fund: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Project Duration: From 1 August 2013 to 31 December 2015 (3 Years 5 Months)

Budget amount in BDT: 34,197,697 (Three Crore Forty One Lac Ninety Seven Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Seven Taka Only.)

Partner: Kabidang (Sub-Parter), working at Dighinala upazila, project staff- 6 (F=3, M=3), Budget= 6,578,060 (Out of total project budget)

Purpose: Improved human development and secure livelihood of marginalized CHT communities through ensuring quality education, appropriate skills and preserving culture and heritage for self-sustaining community development and human dignity.

Objective: Increased availability of basic education services, opportunities for development of human skills, and capacity of local community & institutions to ensure human rights for disadvantaged communities in Khagrachari Hill district.

Expected Result/Output:

  • 10,000 students received primary education services and among them 4,000 (40% of total targeted students) successfully completed class V (Primary School Certificate examination) from targeted 70 schools by December 2016
  • 2,100 members from involved MG, PTA and SMC (school based communities) are capable in managing school development activities including group IGA, MG activities and school registration.
  • Students are getting appropriate education including rights to education in mother tongue and class conduction in cultural-friendly atmosphere and practicing extra-curricular activities for preserving their tradition by 2016.
  • The sub-partner organization is capable to implement the program activities efficiently and achieve organization development.

Major Activities of this project:

  • Data collection and update.
  • Baseline survey.
  • School selection meeting at upazila level.
  • Compilation of Child profile.
  • Child survey to ensure increased enrollment rate, tracking & decreasing dropout rate.
  • School renovation support.
  • Teachers’ training on subjective (math and English of class V).
  • Teachers’ training on basic teaching (class VI+).
  • Refreshers training on subjective (math and English of class V).
  • Refreshers training on basic teaching (class VI+).
  • Teachers’ training on use of first language as language of instruction.
  • Grant support for extra-curricular activities.
  • Teachers’ training for extra-curricular activities.
  • Refreshers training on extra-curricular activities.
  • Support for PSC Result Improvement- (a) Coaching for class V students and (b) Conducting model test
  • IEC materials for MLE in Chakma, Marma and Tripura.
  • Parents’ conference and annual sports competition.
  • Health check-up camp at 70 schools.
  • Staff capacity building training.
  • CHT based study circle on NCTB textbooks as annual basis.
  • Delegation to HDC and NCTB authorities to raise people’s voice.
  • School Community meeting (SMC, PTA, MG).
  • Documentary film show & motivational session.
  • Learning visit to country’s best school.
  • IGA plan formulation & guideline development.
  • Orientation workshop on role and responsibilities of Mother Group.
  • Orientation workshop on Gender friendly school and CVAW
  • Training on School management.
  • Review of organization policies and develop policies as required for the sub-partners NGO.
  • On-job training on operational skill development for the sub-partner staff members


Project manpower/human resource:


Contact persons:

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