Helping Children Growing as Active Citizen (HCGAC)

Name of project: Helping Children Growing as Active Citizen (HCGAC) Source of fund: Plan International Bangladesh. Duration: (January 2017-June 2018). Project location: Paltonjoy para, Perachra union, Khagrachhari. Project coverage: # of village: 01 # of union: 01 # of upazila: 01 # of children: Boys=22, Girls=08  Program Area: Education and Health awareness. Type of Activities:  
  • Awareness raising
  • Community mobilization
Purpose: – To improve the realization of child rights in Bangladesh by promoting greater participation of children in monitoring and reporting processes. – To promote child rights through active children participation at local and national level. Objectives:
  • To aware about the rights for Socially excluded Children’s Groups –isolated
  • Children from excluded groups have access to NCTF Activities and existing child rights
  • To aware about the bad impacts on early marriage.
 Major Activity: 
  • Quarterly FGD Conduction for data collection on child rights Violation from 1 excluded group; Total 02 no. FGD conducted at Paltonjoy para in Parachara union at Khagrachhari district. A total 24 member participated in the FGD and they shared health situation in the local government hospital.
  • Bi-monthly meeting of Socially excluded children’s groups (1group); Three bi-monthly meeting held in Paltonjoy para at Parachara union at Khagrachari district.
  • Organize training for the Socially Excluded Children’s groups for 02days; Two days training was held on 14 and 15 September 2017 in Paltonjoy para, Perachara union, Khagrachari. 11 children, 02 facilitator and 02 organizational representative participated in the training.

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