Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Moulvibazar Dr. Urme Binte Salam is presented with a traditional risa (scarf) of CHTs by the Executive Director of Zabarang Kalyan Samity Mr. Mathura Bikash Tripura. August 17, 2023.

Project Title:  SONJIBON– revitalization of endangered languages and preparedness of targeted languages for the government education program in Bangladesh


1. To support in language development of the endangered indigenous languages in Bangladesh so that those languages are protected from disappearance and declination.

2. To support preparedness of 6 indigenous languages targeted for next phase of government’s education program.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Writing skill of the scholars and writers from three endangered languages identified and promoted to write in and document their own languages in proper manner;
  2. 1500 Books (500 for each language, 3 endangered languages) published in print version and/or digital version;
  3. Video documentary produced as a tool to make awareness among the indigenous peoples and policy makers on declination of indigenous languages;
  4. 6 languages (Khasi, Manipuri, Manipuri Bishnupriya, Tangchangya, Bawm and Mro) prepared for academic use in the next government initiatives;
  5. Policy makers mobilized on the issues of education in indigenous languages and the overall situation of indigenous languages in Bangladesh so that the ongoing government initiatives are implemented properly and new languages included in the formal education system gradually, and also the language development and protection initiatives of the government is speeded up;
  6. 3000 (500 copies for each language, 6 languages) copies of learning materials child-friendly rhymes/story books published;
  7. 1000 (500 copies for each language, 2 languages) copies of dictionary published.

Project Location: Khagrachhari, Bandarban and Moulvibazar

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