Community Empowerment & Economic Development (CEP)

Community Empowerment and Economic Development Project is supported by UNDP-CHTDF to implement the community-based development interventions in all unions of Panchhari, Dighinala, Ramgarh and Manikchhari Upazilas in Khagrachhari Hill District. Communities have been empowered to manage their development affairs through Para Development Committees (PDC) and Para Nari Development Groups (PNDG) under the support of Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility’s Promotion of Development and Confidence Building in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The PDCs and PNDGs play vital role for communities as their common platform to participate and lead in service and resource planning with local government institutions, making sure that their voices are properly heard.

Project Objective: To mobilize the CHT communities for organizing and managing the community development activities with the community-led small-scale projects which will ultimately create an
environment for economic and social enterprises that benefit and empower communities in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Duration: April 2004 to September 2015
Supported by: UNDP-CHTDF.

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