Sishur Khamatayan (SK)

Name of project: Education for Language and Culturally Marginalized Ethnic Children (ELCMEC)

Source of fund: Supported by Save the Children (lead donor: SCI Johnson)

Duration: April 2017 to December 2017

Project location: Khagrachari Sadar, Dighinala, Mohalchari and Guimara

Project coverage:

#of school: 36

#of village: 36

#of union: 10

#of upazila: 4

#of children:

type Direct Indirect Boy Girl source of data
PP, grade 1, CLC 688   330 358 Attendance register, monthly report,upazila education report, household of the village
  3081 1447 1634

#of adult:

type direct indirect men women total
  1324   662 662 parenting register, monthly report, training report, event resolution, report of upazila education report, household of the village
  4940 2970 1970


#of community: 3( Chakma, Marma, Tripura)

#of teacher: 28(men: 4, women: 24)

#of SMC/CMC: 140(women: 55 men: 85)


  1. Program area: Education
  2. Budget: 22, 68,946/-(April-June’17), 19, 06,500/-(July-December’17)
  3. Type of activities: access to education, awareness building among community people
  4. Goal:
  5. Purpose:
  6. Objective: to create child friendly environment and provide Mother tongue based Early Childhood Education and primary education to the ethnic minority children and raise awareness of the parents, communities and teachers for child protection and better health.
  7. Major activities:
  8. a) Basic Training for teachers: 5days long basic training for PP teachers and 3 days long basic training for CLC teachers were conducted to develop their skills in mother tongue, develop their own knowledge and share their ideas and experience.
  9. b) Orientation on banning corporal punishment: an orientation on banning corporal punishment was organized to ensure banning punishment in catchment 30 GPS, take necessary initiative to stop corporal punishment. Total 28(female 9, male 19) teachers were attended this orientation. Discussed issues were- Child & Child rights, Child protection, current field situation & challenges of implementation in field level,
    Banning Corporal Punishment & Consequence of Punishment.


  1. c) Mother gathering: to build awareness among mothers on Mother tongue language instruction in the classroom, positive discipline, Child safeguarding and UNCRC and to

Sensitize the participants the Govt. decision on Banning Corporal Punishment Child rights, the project team was organized a mother gathering in each 20 schools. Discussed topics were -Child development, child participation, child protection policy & implementation, awareness rising, positive discipline, importance of mother to build MT based education. Total 2439(female 1414,Male 1025) community people were actively participated.

  1. d) CMC big gathering: Monthly CMC meeting held in every month to discuss monthly activities. 1 big gathering was conducted centrally to know the CMC’s condition and to follow up their activities. 20 CMC members from 20 schools were participated actively.
  2. e) Materials distribution:

# Pure drinking water, Hand washing:   water purifier was provided at all PP centers to protect the children from water diseases like diarrhea, cholera etc. To raise awareness on sanitation and practice hand washing, soap case with soap was provided in 20 Pre primary schools

# De-worming and first Aid box: total 439 children were received the de-worming tablet under the government de-worming program. First air box was given to 20 PP centers so that children and teachers can manage immediately if any minor accident occurs at school. Band aid, antiseptic cream, savlon, cotton, small seizer are also provided with the aid box.

# School bag, foot wear and nail cutter: school bags were given to total 356 students of grade 1 and CLC so that they can carry their books easily and it encouraged them to attend classes regularly.

It was noticed that many children come to school bare footed. So, footwear was given to all 680 children so that they won’t be bare footed and it will be protected from germ.

Nail cutter also provided to 20 pre primary schools so that teachers can cut nails of students in class if needs.

  1. f) Health support: One of the most important specific objectives of this project was to provide health support (Hand washing, Diarrhea, Malaria, vision screening, de-worming, vitamin A supplement and awareness on Sanitation). It was noticed that many children can’t follow the written lesson on board. They may have vision problem but they don’t know or they don’t express. So giving more priority on this issue, “Vision screening camp” was organized at Sadar, Mohalchari, Dighinala and Guimara upazilas so that all children are checked by professional eye specialist. Parents also got the opportunity to check their eyes. Total 643(female 400, male 243) beneficiaries were got the chance to check up their eyes. Beneficiaries also received required medicines. 26 beneficiaries received spectacles.
  2. Outcome/results:

# Development of mother tongue and bangla skills have been supported through CLC.

# Teaching and learning environment in 30 catchment GPS applied in four guiding principles for quality learning environment i n ECCD (Early Childhood and Care Development) and basic education.

#  Established child friendly classroom and banned corporal punishment in project schools.

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