Tongkachang Resource and Training Center

Zabarang has two storied wide resource and training center in its own campus. Zabarang has the capacity to organize several types of workshops, seminars and trainings, both for its own organisation needs, and for use by other organisations. The centre is equipped with multimedia technology, generator for continuous power supply, sound system and other necessary training logistics. We can also arrange transport, accommodation and catering for events and trainings. The center serves minimum 500 participants in each year under its training facilities. The center is used by CHTDF UNDP, Save the Children, Asia Foundation, Plan International, Campaign for Popular Education among others in addition to the local level various social organizations, professional associations and civil society organizations.
Presently, we are planning to expand the facilities of the training and resource centre. Lodging facilities for the training participants will be established very soon so that we can host residential training at our resource centre.

The center has 3 specific spaces, of which 2 spaces are with 40 feet length X 15 feet wide and 9.5 feet height and 1 space (cemented building with CI sheet sheds) with 29 feet length X 14 feet wide and 9.5 feet height. Which can be used as warehouse as well as training venue. There are also 2 extra rooms with 15 feet length X 13 feet wide and 9.5 feet height, which can use as office space or secretariat for training organizers.

For more information on hiring out the Zabarang Resource and Training please contact us at

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