Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ)


Name of project: Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ);

READ is a USAID flagship project. Save the Children is the technical partner of the project in Bangladesh. Zabarang has been implementing the project in Khagrachhari since August 2014. The last duration (4th year) of the project is up to December 2017. The project focus to improve early grade reading competence. We know, learning to read affects all aspect to children’s education. By ensuring a strong foundation at the beginning of school, the expectation is that a higher proportion of students will hopefully complete school with solid primary school skills such as literacy. In today’s world, literacy is the acute life skill of human.

  1. Objectives: Increased reading competencies among grade 1-3 students in READ-supported schools in selected Distract;
  2. Expected result of the project:
  • Improved evidence-based, interactive early grade literacy instruction in grades 1-3;
  • Increased use of early grade (1-3) reading assessment;
  • Expanded provision and use of relevant and age-appropriate supplementary reading materials;
  • Strengthened community support for early grade literacy;
  1. Donor: United State Agency for International Development (USAID) through Save the Children International (SC);
  2. Duration: August 1, 2014 to December 2017 (3 years 5 Months);
  3. Project Location/ working area: Khagrachhari Sadar, Panchari and Dighinala Upazila of Khagrachhari Hill District;
  4. Number of coverage school: 45 Government Primary School of the selected Upazila (Khagrachari Sadar 15, Panchari Upazila 15 and Dighinala Upazila 15);
  5. Budget/expenditure for 2017: Tk. 4915688.00
  6. Number of beneficiaries (male/female, students- girls/boys etc. /SMC/PTA/MG): Students 3051, Assistant Teacher 180, Head Teacher 45, Respective Govt. Official (Primary Education Department) 18, School Management Committee Members (SMC) 540 and Guardian and School Community 5000;
  7. Accomplished Activities:

Under IR (Intermediate Result) 1: Improved provision of evidence-based, interactive early grades reading instruction

  1. Providing 10 Para Teacher in 10 Project Schools (Which school teacher was shortage and existed language barrier in between students and teachers);
  2. Follow-up and assist to Head Teacher for Academic Supervision 45 schools (per month 3 times in a school);

3) Provided 5 days long Training of Administrator (UEO, AUEO and URCI of project Upazila and Technical Officers of Project) on Academic Supervision (Coaching Methodology). Total participants were 17 (5 Female & 12 Male);

4) Arranged Training for NGOs Staff on Academic Supervision (Coaching for new Batch). Training duration were 4 Days Long and total participants were 15 including 4 female;

5) Head teacher Training on Academic Supervision (Coaching methodology). Total 42 Head Teachers (Male 31 and Female 11);

6) Motivate and Facilitate the Teachers of 45 project schools to change instruction on the basis of IAT Findings/ reading capacity assessment;

7)  Teachers Basic Training on READ instructional strategies (for 5% new teachers): The training duration was for 5 days and total participants were 11 Assistant Teachers (2 Male and 9 Female teachers);

Under IR (Intermediate Result) 2: Increased use of early grade reading assessment

  1. Organized M&E and MIS refresher training for READ staff;
  2. Organized IAT findings and reflection workshop with teachers at 2 Project Upazila, (Sadar and Dighinala). Total participants were male 15 and female 39;
  1. Organized Master trainer training on Instructional Adjustment Tool (IAT) for Upazila Education Officers (UEO), Assistant Upazila Education Officers (AUEO), Upazila Resource Center Instructors of project Upazila and Technical Officers of project for 2 times;
  1. Training/ refresher on IAT for teachers: Total participants/ teachers were 166 (including male 60 and female 106);
  1. Conducted Bangla reading capacity assessment of grade 1-3 students of project schools/ IAT assessment for 3 times. (1st IAT: coverage students were 2,604 (Boys 1340 and Girls 1264), 2nd IAT: Coverage students were 2,490 (Boys 1304 and Girls 1186), and 3rd IAT: coverage students were 2,542 (Boys 1226 and 1316) ;
  1. Sharing Reading Result with District and Upazila Official (Staff Capacity Building)


Under IR (Intermediate Result) 3: Expanded provision and use of relevant and appropriate supplementary reading materials

  1. Print-rich material develop and setting in the school (45 Schools):
  2. Keeping activation of 10 Community Reading Camp providing volunteer honorarium and technical support;
  3. Support the 45 project schools/ teachers to distribute book to students:
  4. Organized Refresher Training (2 days long) of Community literacy volunteers and PNGO staffs for 2 times: Total volunteer were 20 and staff were 9
  5. Supplement Reading Material (SRM) Distribution to Community Reading Camp:


Under IR (Intermediate Result) 4: Strengthen community support for early grade literacy

  1. Reading festival organized at District level on 21st February 2017.
  2. 106 Parent meeting/session organized in 10 Community Reading Camp
  3. Assisting to organized Parenting/ Mother gathering session for 81 times at 45 project schools;
  4. Community Reading Camp (CRC) Management Committee meeting organized: Total 39 meetings (Panchari 3, Dighinala 12 and Sadar 4) were organized of 10 committees.
  5. Organized Bi-monthly progress sharing workshop for 6 times.

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