Second Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Programme

Name of Project:  Second Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Programme

Source of Fund:  ADB & GoB

Project Duration: Till  December-2018

Project Location: Manikchari, Ramgarh & Laxmichari Upazila.

Project Coverage:

 # of Village -43

 # of Union-10

 # of Upazilla-03

Programme Area: Livelihood

 Type of Activities:- 

  • Community Mobilization
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Natural resource management
  • Agricultural equipment supply


In order to ensure the development of community based infrastructure, management of advanced agricultural technology and safe drinking water supply in the selected 43 villages by the upazila parishad through the community mobilization, infrastructure development and resource mobilization supports from the Asian Development bank and Government of Bangladesh.

Major Activities:

Community Mobilization

  • Formation of PDC : Para Development Committees formed at 04 Paras during the reporting periods at 2017.
  • PRA and Village Mapping training : Prepared village map through PRA and village mapping training at 16 Para’s where Male-213 and Female-187, Total=400 no. participated in it.
  • Village map prepared at 10 Paras.
  • Formation of project evaluation committee (PEC) : Project team has formed 17 PEC at the project areas.
  • Labor contractive Society (LCS ) formation : Project team has formed 02 LCS at 02 Paras in the project areas.
  • Project operation and maintenance committee formation : Project team has formed 08 POMC at 08 Paras in the project areas.
  • Bank Account Opening: Project team has opened 33 bank account at PDCs during the project periods.
  • Total 149 no. monthly meeting held in the PDC in which male 1473 and 895 female participated at project area during the reporting periods.

Infrastructure Development

  • Stairs Construction : One stair of 15 meter long has been constructed for communication during the project period.
  • Culvert construction : 01 (One)Box culvert and 03 U culverts have been made for road communication in the project areas.

Natural resource management

  • Irrigation canal : Total 1881 meter long irrigation cannel constructed in the cultivable land for water supply.
  • Deep set pump Installation for Irrigation : Total 03 deep set pump installed for irrigation in the project area during the reporting periods.
  • Safe drinking water : Total shallow tube wells no. 43 and Deep tube-wells no. 17 have been installed in the project area to ensure safe drinking water during the reporting periods.

Agricultural equipment supply

  • Total 15 no. power tiller have been distributed in the project area for cultivation,
  • Total 18 no. power pump with delivery pipe distributed in the project area for cultivation during the project periods.


  • Community people is cultivating paddy in 12 paras in Laxmichari, Manikchari, and Ramgarh upazila for two seasons since they have constructed irrigation cannel in the village.
  • Community of 13 Paras in Laxmichari, Manikchari, and Ramgarh upazila are using safe drinking water through the tube well support.
  • Labor cost reduced for cultivation as there are adequate numbers of power tiller and pump machine in those villages .
  • The women in the village have sufficient times for contributing in the family to generate more income along with male members and can give more time to take care of their children for education as they can collect water within short of time from tube well.
  • Due to construction of box and U culverts, community sales their agriculture products in the local market by using direct transport from their village.
  • School going students can go to school without constraints using stair in the village.
  • Community become awarded and mobilized through the participation in the implementation of project activities.

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