Our Executive Committee


Chandra Kishore Tripura Chairperson


Shefalika Tripura (Ms.) Vice Chairperson


Mathura Bikash Tripura General Secretary


Suiching Aung Marma Asst. General Secretary


Sucharita Tripura (Ms.) Finance Secretary


Padma Devi Tripura (Ms.) Executive Member

Ad. Anupam Chakma, Executive Member


The Executive Committee is the governing body of the organization. Its main responsibilities are to formulate necessary policies and provide policy directions to the operational sections in order to realize the organizational goals and objectives. As a part of their responsibilities they also oversee internal control system and accountability and transparency of the organization in order to make sure that resources are used appropriately to benefit all those it is intended to help. This includes:

  • Meet once in three months;
  • Deliberate and approve the annual program budgetary requirements;
  • Approve the organization’s human resources and financial policies, including delegated authority;
  • Review quarterly and annual financial reports, including budget monitoring, cash flow and the balance sheet through designated officials;
  • Monitor progress in generating funds to ensure that the organization has adequate resources to carry out its objectives;
  • Review and approve the audited financial statements;
  • Ensure accountability and transparency.

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